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Woolpower 200g Crewneck Sweater in Classic Grey

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Woolpower layers are just the type of thing that makes us love winter. Just looking at them makes us think of hot cocoa in a remote cabin. But beyond their transcendent powers, we love their long johns and sweaters because they are made of a circular knit fabric with minimal seams from merino wool and synthetic fibers. Woolpower has been produced in the same factory in northern Sweden since the early 1970s—and we think the Swedes know a thing or two about staying warm. In fact, Woolpower has collaborated with the Swedish military to provide the ultimate classic and warm garments on the planet. 

Sizing & Fit

These classic grey crewneck sweaters are sized in unisex measurements. As a general rule women should size down (as an example: if normally a small, opt for the XS since these are unisex sizes).

Chest measurements:








Woolpower is made in Sweden.