By Christina Saboe of Fireside Camp Supply.

Driving through a city just doesn't give you the same intimacy as biking. Being out in the air on two wheels lets you apply all the senses—the smell of a donut shop around the corner, the sound of a record shop opening its doors in the morning, the sights of the close interaction of nature thriving in a city. Biking, we believe, really lets you know a place on a different level. Philadelphia is such a history-rich city steeped in tradition that marries a newer, hipper culture that's been adopted by transplants and natives alike. It's the perfect city to tour across bridges and into parks to museums and coffee joints. Christina Saboe takes us on her "Tour de Philadelphia", an itinerary of sorts made for bike lovers who want to get to know the city or just want to rediscover some of its gems. It's a two day itinerary, unless you hold off on the Fairmont Park stop, but take from her list what suits you and see what you find from there. All the photos below are links that include favorite spots to take in views of the skyline to an abandoned hotel, killer fried chicken and donuts, a old penitentiary (uh huh...), and a Japanese gift shop, just to name a few. This route really leaves no stone unturned. Make sure your tires are pumped and your seat is adjusted, and if you need a good backpack while you're in town, you now know where to turn

Check out the Reed's Philly Biking map for all the points on the route and Philly's public bike share system Indego

 [Guide created October 2015]