By Jules Davies

Wyoming is where rolling grasslands extend past the horizon in all directions, squarely divided by impossibly straight dirt roads and blank-staring cattle. It’s where a puny proportion of civilization resides, making the local high school the center of gravity and community pride. It’s where the old Western film is still alive in the streets—and that Main Street hums with hemi engines pulling horses instead of horses pulling humans. Wyoming is where the thrift stores are plentiful with Carhartts, work boots, canvas jackets and other things built to take a beating. It’s where the the All-American breakfast thrives—the coffee slightly burnt and the service always sweet. Wyoming is where the peaks are jagged, the lakes are calm, and the view from your tent is wild wilderness with a zillion layers of green trees and blue mountains. I recommend you to go, sleep outside, and sit with a sunset. Make it up as you go or seek out these handful of gems that I discovered along my way. 

>> The Reed's Map of Rolling Through Wyoming.





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P.S. Jules kept driving north and stumbled into the Jem Shoppe in Missoula, Montana, which looks like as good a reason as any to cross over into Big Sky Country!

[Guide created September 2015]