New England is one of the great destinations in the the US where we can definitively say more expensive does not mean better. From clothing to lodging to food, New Englanders value self-sufficiency, austerity and tradition more than flash and pretense. The fabric fraying around the hem line of your father's chinos and the navy blue straps on an L.L. Bean tote that have faded to a light periwinkle aren't a sign of shabbiness, but of authenticity. The road to Maine is paved with patina—from the colorful buoys hanging from a road-side lobster shack to the school stickers peeling off a decades-old Volvo wagon.  Here are our favorite stops between the roughly 150 miles that span between Boston and mid-coast Maine, many of the websites are low tech, but the flavor and style is high, we assure you.

Click here for a drivable route to The Reed's Road Trip to Maine.

[Guide created May 2015]