Part shop, part blog, and part travel site, The Reed is an online destination that combines regularly added editorial with a shop that supplies clothing and accessories you need to move well, pack smart, and look great. We hope you enjoy the site and can utilize all that it offers for your future excursions—whether that entails getting on a 13 hour flight across the Pacific or loading up the back of a wagon to go car camping a few hours north. 

The Backstory:

After noticing a void in style blogs that catered to women who favored hiking Half Dome over walking a catwalk, Lizzie Garrett Mettler started the Tomboy Style blog in 2010. Two years later she wrote the book Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion. Both the blog and book became mediums to explore and help define the tomboy in the 21st century. After half a decade of studying, cataloguing, and distilling the concept she found mobility to be a core tenet of tomboy style—if you can't hop a fence in it, it's probably not tomboy style. Mobility in women's fashion continually intrigued her as the blog grew and she wrote about travel for publications like and Condé Nast Traveler.

The Reed was launched in May of 2015 as a way to evolve the Tomboy Style blog and explore movement, travel, and adventure. The clothing and accessories you'll find at The Reed are as much about functionality and versatility as they are style, and will continue to reflect Lizzie's passion for tomboy style and championing labels and goods that are thoughtfully made.

Reed is Lizzie's middle name and has been shared by adventurous women in her family for over five generations.