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Armor Lux Pasarelle Fair Trade Marinere Navy

$ 89.00

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Heavier than a cotton shirt, this classic Armor Lux sailor-striped 3/4 sleeve is a great hybrid of shirt and sweater and therefore a staple in our closets and suitcases. It can be layered or worn on its own. Made with soft, heavy jersey fair-trade cotton with a modern cut and a slight crop at the waist. 

Sizing & Fit

Size up for a boxier, looser fit and stay true to size for a more tailored fit. 


Armor Lux is storied apparel manufacturer heralding from Brittany, France and known for their iconic Breton striped Marinere shirt which has been in production for more than 75 years in the City of Quimper. The striped shirt was originally designed to help distinguish the French Naval sailors from the waves so they can be spotted more easily when they fell overboard. At the time, the French navy hailed from Brittany, so the shirt was named the “Breton” shirt and had 21 stripes – one for each of Napoleon’s victories.

Armor Lux products are made in France.