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Daniela Barone Wide Cuff

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We love this wide cuff by Daniela Barone because it's bold and strong and reminds us of Wonder Woman. It's the perfect accessory for a night out or with a pair of ripped jeans and t-shirt. Made from NuGold Brass.

Sizing and Fit

5 cm wide and bendable to fit over most wrists.

Care Instructions

This bracelet is made by hand using non-coated NuGold Brass which will develop a patina over time. Oils from your skin and the oxygen in the air will accelerate this process. If you want to slow the tarnish process, wipe the piece with a soft cotton rag after wearing and store with the accompanying jewelry bag and anti-tarnishing strip.

A non-toxic and easy way to remove tarnish is lemon juice. Rub a lemon wedge over the jewelry to remove tarnish, rinse with mild dish soap and water, dry thoroughly and buff with polishing or soft cloth. 


Daniela Barone products are made in the USA.