Q&A | Kate McMahon of Kakoon

If you've been reading this blog lately, you've probably noticed that there's been a repeating theme that orbits around the virtues of staying small. This pertains to stores, manufacturers, makers, and it even came up this past weekend in Napa with a winemaker who keeps production purposely under a certain amount of cases so he can really be part of the process.

Kate McMahon, the founder of the...
September 20, 2015 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Lily Brooks-Dalton

Photo by Daniela Maria/Iron & Air.

I've been writing this blog for well over five years now, there have been lulls, and there have been times when I've admittedly felt burnt out. But week after week, month after month, and year after year, there are these women that pop up on my radar that truly inspire the idea that this blog champions. I just feel really lucky that I get to steward this...
September 01, 2015 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Summer Brennan

Photos by Patrick O'Connor.

It's been quite a while since we had a Q&A up in these parts, and I'm so excited to get back into that groove with writer Summer Brennan—she's as adventurous and passionate as they come, and quite industrious too. Her first book, The Oyster War: The True Story of a Small Farm, Big Politics, and the Future of Wilderness in America ($18.95) comes out tomorrow and from...
August 10, 2015 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Alex Michelle

Alex Michelle, designer of the line Objects Without Meaning, is currently popping-up in Los Angeles through the month at Space 15 Twentyin Hollywood. What a perfect time to dig deep and do a Q&A with the Australian designer whose L.A.-made designs are that perfect intersection of sophisticated and understated. But before the Q&A, can we take a quick station break to look at the photos of Miranda...
October 08, 2014 by Lizzie

Q&A | Lisa Przystup

Photos of Lisa Przystup at Farmhand Flowers by Emma Tuccillo.

So excited to share this Q&A of Brooklyn-based florist Lisa Przystup of James's Daughter Flowers. Since I can remember, I've always loved flower shops. That wave of humidity that hits you when you walk in the front door, the fresh smell, the brown craft paper, the twine, the utilitarian boots, aprons, and pocket knives—all the cool gear...
July 27, 2014 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Krystle Kemp

Krystle Kemp is the fashion director of Need Supply Co., one of the preeminent sources for indie fashion labels with a sophisticated edit. I've long been a fan of Need Supply Co., but never thought of it as a real brick and mortar store based in Richmond. I just assumed it was part of the New York City online ether, but it's actually been a 3-D store since 1996. Need Supply Co. started by selling...
April 16, 2014 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Jeannette Montgomery Barron

Photo of photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron by James D. Barron.

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of Vogue editor Lisa Love taken by Jeannette Montgomery Barron from her book Scenethat captures creatives of the downtown art world of 1980s New York. Her portraits of heavy-hitters like Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, Jenny Holzer, Cindy Sherman, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat are all so...
February 26, 2014 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Heidi Merrick

Heidi Merrick...where to start? OK, so, last October we hosted a wedding on our patio for friends and someone whispered to me, "that's Heidi Merrick." I looked over at this woman sitting, drinking champagne in an elegant flowing yellow dress topped with a razor sharp black tuxedo jacket. I had heard her name so many times and knew she was Al Merrick's (the iconic surfboard designer) daughter—but...
February 10, 2014 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Heathermarie Heaton-Reynoso

I'm super excited to post Heathermarie Heaton-Reynoso's Q&A, she's a fourth generation farmer's daughter from a small farming community in Eastern Washington who became a big L.A. stylist and now lives in Mexico City where she started making moccasins and sandals. Agnes Baddooconnected us a few months ago, and after swapping a bunch of emails I could just tell Heathermarie is bursting with energy...
December 10, 2013 by Lizzie
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Q&A | Jocelyn Rahm

If you live in Portland OR., and you read this blog, chances are you know about Beam & Anchor—a vast brick and mortar store in North Portland that champions local artisans and well-crafted goods. The store opened in late 2011 after Jocelyn Rahm and her husband Robert decided life was too short not to pursue their dream. I'm dying to see it with my own eyes, it's definitely on the top of my to-do...
November 18, 2013 by Lizzie
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