Set your DVRs: the story of Althea Gibson, the unlikely queen of the segregated tennis world of the 1950s will air on Friday September 4 at 9pm on PBS. Althea Gibson is an icon, one of the great athletes of our time, and an american hero. She grew up in Harlem, the daughter of a sharecropper who migrated north, and became the first African American tennis player (not woman, but player) to play and...
August 26, 2015 by Lizzie

ICON | Eulalia "Sister" Bourne

A teacher and an author, a rebel and a rancher, Eulalia Bourne is an icon whose stories are so fantastic that they almost seem mythical. In the 1910s she lost her first school teaching job in Arizona because she danced the one-step (think about what would have happened if it was the two-step!). At her second teaching job at a mining camp outside of Tuscon, Bourne asked her...
August 25, 2015 by Lizzie

ICON | Josephine Baker

There are few iconic women that I can think of that were seemingly as passionate, artful, stylish, visionary, and bold as perhaps Josephine Baker was. The more I look in to her biography, the more it boggles the mind how much she accomplished and how steadfast she was about her values. Born into poverty in St. Louis, Baker became a child performer and eventually a domestic servant by age eight....
February 05, 2015 by Lizzie
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ICON | Patricia Kennedy Lawford

Photos by John Loengard for LIFE, 1962.

When considering Kennedy women and their place among fashion's notables, seldom is Patricia Lawford mentioned in the mix. Jackie of course is the standard bearer. Eunice and Ethel were the tomboys. Carolyn Bessette, the minimalist sophisticate. Even Matriarch Rose has been on this blog. Ignored (at least by me) until now, I'd argue that Pat may be the unsung...
January 06, 2015 by Lizzie
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ICONS | Dude Girls of the American West

Lost in an Internet worm hole yesterday, I found myself in the University of Wyoming photo archives, which is impressive both in scope and size. Beyond all the photographic treasures, I found a term I'd never seen before: Dude Girl.

December 04, 2014 by Eva Goicochea Preston

ICON | Nina Simone

Photo of Nina Simone by Jack Robinson, 1969.

"I'm a real rebel with a cause." —Nina Simone
November 11, 2014 by Lizzie
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ICON | Françoise Gilot

Photos of French painter and author Françoise Gilot in her studio in 1953 via AFP.

"For me, style is essentially doing things well. If you want to be outrageous, be outrageous with style. If you want to be restrained, be restrained with style. One can't specifically define style. It's like the perfume to a flower. It's a quality you can't analyze." —Françoise Gilot
October 28, 2014 by Lizzie
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ICON | Cornelia "Fly Rod" Crosby

I was so delighted to discover Ms. Cornelia Crosby today while looking into the history of Registered Maine Guides (as one does). Crosby, who was best know by her nickname "Fly Rod" was in 1897 the very first Maine Registered Guide. She was exceptional at fly-fishing (you'd better be if that's your name) who was witnessed to have caught 200 Brook Trout in a single day. But perhaps Crosby's best...
September 30, 2014 by Lizzie

ICON | Bernice Bing

Photos of Bernice Bing via Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts (above) and The Asian-American Women Artists Association (below).

"I do believe that one of the reasons she was able to garner a one-woman show at the Batman Gallerywas because of her fearless large-scale canvases, similar to what her male-counterparts were producing. Bing was a fierce painter and she could hold her own. In this bohemian...
September 09, 2014 by Lizzie
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ICON | Ali MacGraw

With the epitome of classic style mixed with a good heaping of tomboy leanings, Ali MacGraw wins it every decade. One of my favorite photos though, is this one by William Claxton circa 1971.
August 18, 2014 by Lizzie