ICON | Eulalia "Sister" Bourne

A teacher and an author, a rebel and a rancher, Eulalia Bourne is an icon whose stories are so fantastic that they almost seem mythical. In the 1910s she lost her first school teaching job in Arizona because she danced the one-step (think about what would have happened if it was the two-step!). At her second teaching job at a mining camp outside of Tuscon, Bourne asked her...
August 25, 2015 by Lizzie

GEAR | Crisloid Backgammon Set

Photo by Slim Aarons, Acapulco, Mexico, 1972.

Backgammon is one of the oldest games in recorded history and culturally seems to span so many walks of life. From its Middle Eastern roots to the leisure class of Slim Aarons circles to cowboy bars, it's a game that seems to work everywhere. A backgammon attaché is such a great thing to have on hand as temps warm up. Play in the park, the beach, the...
March 26, 2015 by Lizzie
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UNIFORM | Levi's Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2015

The Levi's Vintage Clothing look books are always spectacular in the way they showcase their dedication to bringing back exact replicas of old designs, but the Icons Collectionof the Spring/Summer 2015 look book is especially incredible because looking through it was like paging through my parent's college yearbooks. I almost forgot I was looking through something produced this year because it is...
March 25, 2015 by Lizzie
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SCENE | New Orleans, LA.

A concert by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Preservation Hall, New Orleans, 1965. 

We're in New Orleans this weekend, going full steam into all things Cajun and jazzy. If any of you NOLA natives or aficionados have any Tomboy Style-y recs, I'd be so grateful!

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January 15, 2015 by Lizzie
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ICON | Patricia Kennedy Lawford

Photos by John Loengard for LIFE, 1962.

When considering Kennedy women and their place among fashion's notables, seldom is Patricia Lawford mentioned in the mix. Jackie of course is the standard bearer. Eunice and Ethel were the tomboys. Carolyn Bessette, the minimalist sophisticate. Even Matriarch Rose has been on this blog. Ignored (at least by me) until now, I'd argue that Pat may be the unsung...
January 06, 2015 by Lizzie
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SCENE | Badminton Horse Trials

Prince Charles (sporting a rare beard) in 1976 and Princess Anne in 1971.

No one does tweed, herringbone, waxed cotton and utilitarian outerwear better than the British royals and the like at the Badminton Horse Trials. A few gems over the decades from the annual three-day event in South Gloucestershire that prove once again that classic utility never goes out of style.

Princess Diana in 1985;...
December 09, 2014 by Lizzie

ICON | Nina Simone

Photo of Nina Simone by Jack Robinson, 1969.

"I'm a real rebel with a cause." —Nina Simone
November 11, 2014 by Lizzie
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SCENE | Departures & Arrivals

Photo of Mick and Bianca Jagger at London Airport (now Heathrow) by David Stroud, 1972.

When we think of air travel in the 20th century, stylish images of well-heeled passengers flood our minds. Today, when I think of air travel, I immediately think of dressing strategically. Here's a look back at some tomboy style in the departure and arrival terminals decades before TSA had its way with our...
November 04, 2014 by Lizzie
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UNIFORM | Radcliffe College

Photos via Radcliffe yearbooks.

Did Normcore start at Radcliffe?

[Photo 1]: Garrett Leight Milwood frames ($285); Uniqlo silk blouse ($60); Keds Champion Originals ($45), beat up pair of Vans Authentics pictured, but I think she's probably in Keds). [Photo 2]: Bud Heavy; Snake Bite earrings ($130); J. Press Shaggy Dog sweater ($230). [Photo 3]: Ann Mashburn crewneck pullover ($295); vintage field...
September 18, 2014 by Lizzie
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ICON | Bernice Bing

Photos of Bernice Bing via Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts (above) and The Asian-American Women Artists Association (below).

"I do believe that one of the reasons she was able to garner a one-woman show at the Batman Gallerywas because of her fearless large-scale canvases, similar to what her male-counterparts were producing. Bing was a fierce painter and she could hold her own. In this bohemian...
September 09, 2014 by Lizzie
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