WORD | Snapshots of Dangerous Women

Last week my friend Dana gave me the new book Snapshots of Dangerous Women by Peter Cohen. What a collection of photographs! The author spent decades (decades!) combing through estate sales and flea markets building a collection of found photography of women who are taking part in unconventional activities (for women, and especially for the time), like boxing, swigging booze, shooting rifles, or...
May 04, 2015 by Lizzie
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ICON | Josephine Baker

There are few iconic women that I can think of that were seemingly as passionate, artful, stylish, visionary, and bold as perhaps Josephine Baker was. The more I look in to her biography, the more it boggles the mind how much she accomplished and how steadfast she was about her values. Born into poverty in St. Louis, Baker became a child performer and eventually a domestic servant by age eight....
February 05, 2015 by Lizzie
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SCENE | Fairfield County, Connecticut, 1949.

Photos of Fairfield County residents by Nina Leen for LIFE, 1949.

Nina Leen, one of LIFE Magazine's most prolific photographers, was one of the publication's first camerawomen. A few years ago The New Yorker argued that her photos were intensely layered. An interesting opinion given how bucolic this series looks at first glance.

"Though many of Leen’s assignments were quite pedestrian—her photos...
February 03, 2015 by Lizzie
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ICONS | Dude Girls of the American West

Lost in an Internet worm hole yesterday, I found myself in the University of Wyoming photo archives, which is impressive both in scope and size. Beyond all the photographic treasures, I found a term I'd never seen before: Dude Girl.

December 04, 2014 by Eva Goicochea Preston

UNIFORM | The South Pacific

Photo of unknown military personnel on Fassarie Isle, Ulithi Atoll by Carl Mydans for LIFE.

Being currently in Hawaii and having just finished the book Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, I keep looking at the ocean and the islands trying to imagine them 70 years ago when the world was at war and incredible and horrific things were happening on tiny islands all...
October 26, 2014 by Lizzie
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SCENE | University of Chicago Jiu-Jitsu Class, 1943.

Photos of women learning Jiu-Jitsu at The University of Chicago in 1943 via the University of Chicago photo archive
October 12, 2014 by Lizzie
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UNIFORM | Westerlind 1940s Derby Shoe

There's not much I like to nerd out on more than the intersection of history and fashion, so when Andrea Westerlind showed me her label's new Derby shoes for men and women, I got pretty excited! The Westerlind Derby shoe($249) is inspired by a vintage pair of American military officer's shoes made in 1947. The Westerlind replica is made to the exact military specifications as the original from...
July 14, 2014 by Lizzie
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SCENE | Summer Reading

Photo of French actress Barbara Laage in her Paris apartment by Nina Leen, 1946.

The great poet and author Maya Angelou passed away on Wednesday, a big loss for the world. I've never tackled any of her lengthy titles and am planning to start with I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings on Friday while on a plane. Earlier this month New York Timescolumnist David Brooks opined on his eight favorite books...
May 28, 2014 by Lizzie
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SCENE | Drowsy Water Ranch, 1945.

Photo of woman horseback riding at Drowsy Water Ranch in Granby, CO. via Flickr.


There's a #tomboytakeover happening for the rest of the weekend on Shinola's Instagram.

A felt hat to get you through the rest of this winter.

Ellen Page is such a class act.

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February 20, 2014 by Lizzie
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ICON | WWII Shipbuilder

Photo detail of a "chipper" via The U.S. National Archives, 1942.

Riveting in penny loafers. FTW.
February 03, 2014 by Lizzie
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