UNIFORM | Canvas by Giraffe

I love a super specific concept line and this new Los Angeles-based collection, Canvas by Giraffe is no exception. The line was created by the designers' desire for a smart and durable art studio clothing. With inspiration drawn from how great Picasso looked while sketching, or Pollack as he dripped paint below. The aim of Canvas is to reimagine traditional smock and art-wear into clothing that can be worn both in the art studio and out in the real world. The premier collection is handmade in tiny editions of 30 pieces and each sale is paired with a c-print taken from artist Heidi G. who took up residence at Giraffe Studios to test drive the clothing as she worked. I love how specific this concept is and really really love those Pollak pants below. Check out the entire line here.
October 18, 2015 by Lizzie
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