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I'm headed to Houston for a super-quick last minute trip and wondered if any Houstonians out there had some recs for eats, drinks, sees. I've got a pretty good short list so far, but always appreciate some native intel. Thanks y'all!
June 02, 2015 by Lizzie
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Amy said:

Fun!! I didn’t have a car or much spending money when I lived there as a college student, so I made full use of the free things to do. One favorite is the Menil Collection. For free, you can see the private art/artifact collection of the de Menils, a wealthy Houstonian family with rather eclectic taste…if you’re into modern or avant-garde art there are some gems by Cy Twombly (not my thing but some people like him), Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol.. and I remember them having a nice surrealist collection including works by Rene Magritte and others.

Also on the premises is the Rothko Chapel — a non-denominational place for reflection, prayer, mediation..whatever you like. It’s a beautiful space with original Rothko paintings on the wall in soothing dark colors. I remember its shadowy interior being a welcome respite from hot Houston summers.

Emily Fleck

Emily Fleck said:

Lizzie, I actually just moved here. Check out the Hay Merchant for beer and bites; it’s within walking distance of my apartment and I really love going there. I am new to Texas and I think the Icehouse on Alabama kind of really exemplifies what the outdoor lifestyle is around here; there are dogs and often kids everywhere and a great taco truck across the street. Siphon Coffee (also on Alabama) is delicious and the people are sweet.

I’m actually flying to Philadelphia tomorrow and won’t be back until next week so I’m sorry I’ll miss you, but enjoy my new hometown!!

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