UNIFORM | Industry Standard Jeans

By Aja Lake

After a futile search for great-fitting jeans with a reasonable price tag, Industry Standard founder Nicole Najafi set out to create the best pair of jeans for the best price. Designed in New York and made in L.A., Industry Standard jeans are produced in small batches and made from fabric sourced from a 110-year-old North Carolina denim mill. The brand's formula includes closely partnering with their factory to turn out modestly priced product while ensuring craftsmanship and transparency in production. The result: an ultra-flattering, go-anywhere staple—these jeans are seriously comfortable, folks. Check out Industry Standard jeans (starting at $95) for premium quality denim. These are the type of pieces that really make up a "uniform", classic, understated, versatile—perfect. 
June 01, 2015 by Lizzie
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