GEAR | The Sabah Traveler Bag

I've had so much fun getting to know the great people behind Sabah shoes over the past few weeks that I wanted to also dedicate a post to the Sabah Traveler Bag. It's American-made from naturally tanned and minimally processed US leather in a small factory in Connecticut with high-quality brass hardware. The Sabah Traveler bag fits up to five days of clothing (depending on how you pack!), but because it's unstructured, it collapses down to work well for a weekend or overnighter, which is more my speed, I like wheels when I'm getting on a plane. What's really clever about this bag is the removable waterproof interior bag that can be used to hold wet or dirty clothes separately—genius.
The Sabah Traveler runs at $750, which in comparison to other similar quality leather duffles in the market, like Lotuff or Ghurka, is a no brainer. Sabah Traveler Bags are available to purchase by following the Sabah ordering guide.
March 17, 2015 by Lizzie
Tags: GEAR
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