UNIFORM | Save Khaki

When it comes to menswear that we "borrow" from, or buy from to be more accurate, there really aren't that many strictly menswear labels that really, well, work for a woman. I don't mean that just in terms of sizes or things looking boxy in a good way. I'm speaking more to an intangible feeling. But there are a few menswear labels out there where it feels not only OK, but right to shop from and one of them is American-made Save Khaki out of New York. Their collection photos seem to always include women, which is a nice little encouragement to women to buy their clothing, whether it's for them or a gentleman in their life (the clothes might end up on them at some stage, regardless of original intent). I love Save Khaki's neutral color palette of grays and washed blues that create a spectrum of pure Americana. Sure, I wished they made women's clothing, but I'm also grateful that they are doing what they are doing.
January 11, 2015 by Lizzie
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