ICON | Mariel Hemingway

Film still of Manhattan via Tout Le Cine

"I grew up a tomboy, skiing and hiking; so before there was yoga and Mountain pose, there were mountains. The beauty of the Sawtooth Range was a comforting gift to me. When I could drive—and country kids in Idaho drive at the age of fourteen—I would head off alone to places where the steep hills came right down near the road. I climbed dusty trails and boulder-filled avalanche chutes up to the high places. The cool mountain air was a blessed contrast to the overheated atmosphere of home. I would propel my body upward, making a mental pact with myself that if I could just get to the top of the ridge or peak, all the anxiety that consumed me would fall away. It usually worked, too." —Mariel Hemingway
September 21, 2010 by Lizzie
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