UNIFORM | Levi's Corduroys

Levi's advertisement from the September 1964 issue of Playboy via Vintage Ads and Stuff.

"Never, under any circumstances, let a girl borrow your White Levi's of Cone Corduroy. If she says she's going to a costume party and wants to go dressed as Huckleberry Finn, turn a deaf ear or lend her an old shirt. But don't part with your Levi's. Girls find long, lean, well-tailored Levi's irresistible. Especially in extra heavyweight corduroy. And if yours happen to be softened with age, so they look and feel like old leather, you're a goner."
February 28, 2011 by Lizzie
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Kanisorn Thanommongkol

Kanisorn Thanommongkol said:

Like this LEVI’S Corduroys Vintage

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