UNIFORM | Duck Boots

I'm a purist when it comes to duck boots, I go L.L. Bean all the way. Both of my parents have Bean boots in their front hall closet that are older than I am—because that's how long they last. As fall approaches I get nostalgic for first frosts and mud puddles, especially as summer will continue here for at least another month or 12. What about you? In or out for duck boots?

8" Bean Boots ($89); Asos lace-up duck boot ($101); Lands' End duck boot ($70); L.L. Bean Signature waxed canvas Maine hunting shoe ($139); Bass Hadwin duck boot ($80); Tretorn Klipporone boots ($140).

The original, designed by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912, who famously said, "Outside of your gun, nothing is so important to your outfit as your footwear." Above photo by George Stock in 1941 (back then Bean boots fetched between $3 and $9 and the boot holders just 30 cents).
September 18, 2011 by Lizzie
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