SCENE | The Swiss Alps, 1951

Photo of Suzanne Wiedmer-Sauter rappelling in the Engelhoerner in Switzerland, 1951. Scanned and sent by her daughter Heidi Monti.

I lived in Switzerland for three years growing up, so you couldn't imagine how cool it was to open an email from an old family friend (the 'mum' of my best friend and ski buddy) with these images of her friend's mum—climbing mountains in 1951!

Suzanne Wiedmer-Sauter was born and raised in Paris and moved as a teenager to a little village in the Bernese Oberland. She was always the adventurous kind, so she adapted quickly to the starkly different lifestyle and was keen to try out different things. Epic photographs not only for the time, but by today's standards too—look at those peaks! Heidi tells me that her mum is now 85 and is still up to everything and still has that certain Parisian flair.

I couldn't resist posting this one too, it's just too good!
March 28, 2012 by Lizzie
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