It's midnight on the East Coast, so the book is officially out! I've been flabbergasted, humbled, excited and touched by some truly excellent media coverage of the book! I promise not to do this often (or again), but wanted to link to some of the press to celebrate the book's release today! As always, thank you all for the comments, the suggestions, and the tremendous support.

Girls Will Be Boys T Magazine online/printed in the New York Times Sunday Styles.

Opposites Attract, Nylon Magazine.

Books in Fashion, Harper's Bazaar.

Tomboy Style Q&A, Matchbook Magazine.

Boys Town, Angeleno.

Book review,

Book review,

Fashion Front Line, Marie Claire.

Don't People Realize that Outdoorsy is also Sexy?, The Independent.

Talking Tomboys, The National Post.

These Days, Girls Will Be Tomboys, Sydney Morning Herald.

Boy Crazy: We're Crushing On This Tomboy Style Tome!, Refinery 29.

Rugby Ralph Lauren endorses the Tomboy Style book.
There's a few other exciting stories in the works...I'll keep you posted.
April 02, 2012 by Lizzie
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