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Photos of photographers clockwise from top left: Dorthea Lange via Meme Play; Cindy Sherman via Averil Dean; Margaret Bourke-White via LKWD Public Library; Garance Doré via Forty Over Twenty; Annie Leibovitz via Oblong Books.

I think female photographers are, by nature and profession, some of the ultimate tomboys because they often have to be adventurous, bold, confident, and dress for mobility to follow the trail of a great photograph. Tomboy Style photo correspondent Simons Finnerty created this round-up of contemporary cameras for everyone from the analog party snapper to the digital pro blogger. 

Top row: Canon EOS 5D Mark II ($2900): A favorite among professional photo bloggers (a la Garance Doré), this digital camera does not fool around. It takes videos too. Nikon FM10 35mm SLR ($270): If you miss shooting on 35mm film, but still want full control of the camera, this all-manual with a built-in light meter is a great option.  

Middle Row: Lomography La Sardina ($110): With a sardine can pattern and a retro feel, an attachable flash and several color filters, this film camera is just plain fun; Nikon D5100 ($700): This beginner-friendly DSLR camera is easy to use but still produces high-quality photos, and the bonus is the pop-out screen, which makes self-portraits a snap.  

Bottom row: Fujifilm INSTAX 210 ($60): The Polaroid of this millennium and a party favorite. Check out The Impossible Project for more coolness about instant photography in the digital era. Fujifilm X100 ($1200): A favorite of Kodachrome collector and menswear blogger Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, this camera has the look of a vintage camera, but is a digital point-and-shoot. It's great for beginners and advanced photographers, and the results prove, more often than not, incredible. Simons Finnerty

 I'd love to know what camera you use and if you like it!
May 01, 2012 by Lizzie
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