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Last night my friend Amy Keller, an LA-based stylist (who does personal styling, movies, editorial, ad campaigns, etc.), came over and helped me put some outfits together for a trip I'm taking to New York and Boston tomorrow. Side note: Just because one might look at fashion and style all day/every day, doesn't mean these people (me) can dress themselves. A stylist's touch can be incredibly effective. So anyway, Amy came over and as she was looking through my closet, we started to think about rock tees and hero shirts (sleeves cut off, sides a little droopy) and how they really never go out of style. She was wearing a solid black one and I wanted to look just like her, so she made me one from one of my favorite New York tees. Here's how she did it:

1. Practice steps 2-7 on a tee shirt you don't care about. Then you'll know how much to cut, what's too revealing for you, what looks right for your body.

2. Flatten the tee on a smooth surface.

3. Fold tee in half

4. Line up shoulder seams and the hem.

5. Get the sharpest pair of scissors you have otherwise you'll see cut marks. Amy, being a pro stylist, buys hers at the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo, then takes them to knife sharpener.

6. Decide where to cut (use the practice tee as a guide) or start your cut roughly .5 to 1 inch under the sleeve stitching. Your brassiere may show, so be certain you want it to show or don't and cut accordingly.

7. Throw it on, and turn it out.

*Or just cut the sleeves off and hope for the best.

Amy suggests a hero tee or rock tee be worn casually with dark denim or black skinny jeans or even a white or black tuxedo suit.  

Do you guys wear rock tees? If so, how do style them?

And seriously, this woman might change your closet life. If you have a big event or just want to up your game, give AK a shout @ amykeller47(at)gmail(dot)com.
June 05, 2012 by Lizzie
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