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Ok, so this is seriously one of the coolest things I've come across since writing this blog. As if Kaufmann Mercantile wasn't already one of the most spot-on online stores in their field, they've just launched the Kaufmann Mercantile Pocket Knife Necklace ($490), a collaboration between Brooklyn jewelry designer Shana Tabor of In God We Trust and Watts, Oklahoma knife-maker (and former horseshoe-maker) Gene Wiseman. Each knife takes two full days to make and the chain is made with a hand forged brass rod. I am so in.

Oh and just a quick but important note: It’s technically illegal to walk around New York (and possibly other cities?) with a visible knife, so...if you do, you're technically a bad ass mother f@#$%^&.

July 12, 2012 by Lizzie
Tags: GEAR
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