ICON | Justine Johnstone

Photo of Justine Johnstone and photo notes from The New York Times' tumblr The Lively Morgue. Thanks for the tip, Meg.

Transcribed photo notes in case it's hard to read:

"Miss Justine Johnstone ("The World's Most Wonderful Woman"), former musical comedy star, and at present headlining on the Orpheum Circuit, is a lover of all outdoor sports; golfing, swimming, and football being her favorite hobbies. Extremely proficient in the first two and enjoying them to the utmost in her leisure hours, her greatest love is for the game made famous by "Red" Grange. Although game to the very core—"How I'd love to get 'roughed' just once" says Miss Johnsone—her manager forbids the hazards of tackling and running with the ball; and Miss Johnstone is confined to kicking. But—oh how she can kick!"

July 16, 2012 by Lizzie
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