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On the southwestern edge of Martha's Vineyard sits Beetlebung Farm, a five-acre property that sells produce and occasionally hosts communal greenhouse dinners for a very lucky few. I can say with confidence and utterly no hyperbole, that this is one of the most special places where I've ever had the privilege of dining. The food was glorious and rustically-yet-masterfully prepared, but beyond the food, it was the atmosphere. We were served by friendly barefoot hosts on a dirt floor sitting on wood benches and rusted metal chairs under a roof of stars and a garland of Jerusalem artichoke leaves. The aroma of the farm vegetables lingering with the salty Atlantic air was almost as intoxicating as the burrata, the kale salad served over a fried egg, the sugary sweet perfect tomatoes with squid, the pork tossed with pasta and basil, and a buttery slice of cantaloupe to finish it all off—a simple and perfect dessert, just like Beetlebung itself.

Emma Young, the lovely barefoot hostess, farmhand, and letterpress pro, wearing a vintage monogrammed shift dress (not her initials, which I love), a signet ring, and no shoes. She is rad.

Chef Chris Fischer, a Mario Batali protégé and 12th generation native of Martha's Vineyard. He's a bad ass.

An after dinner puzzle in the kitchen.
August 28, 2012 by Lizzie
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