UNIFORM | Jill Aiko Yee + ITtERATIONS Workwear

I popped in to see Jill Yee at her downtown L.A. studio today, something I had been meaning to do for, oh, only about six months. Her studio is adorable and tiny, but she utilizes the space so efficiently that you soon forget how small it is. Jill has two current labels: ITtERATIONS Workwear, a utilitarian line with a fashionable edge that is dedicated and inspired by women in the workplace. And then there's the more sophisticated Jill Aiko Yee label, a more feminine, sensual, bold, silky aesthetic. Clothes for when the workday is done. Totally makes sense, right? 
Jill's been in the fashion world for several years, but actually started out as a professional dancer after leaving her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She blends her life story quite well within her work. Her ITtERATIONS Workwear line takes direct cues from her childhood growing up in an industrial city where she remembers seeing signs at bars for "3rd shift happy hour" that started at 7 a.m. Her dance background also dictates her signature free-flowing fits of shirts, pants and dresses—which is prominent in both her lines. It seems she's always aware of and striving to allow women to be as mobile and comfortable as possible without sacrificing style. Jill is an avid bicyclist (doesn't own a car in L.A.!) who says, "If I can't get on my bike wearing it, I don't design it." I can definitely get on board with that mantra.

If you're in L.A. you can shop by appointment at her studio (do it!) or catch her on Sunday at the Abbot Kinney Festival. If you're not in Los Angeles, check out her online store.
October 04, 2012 by Lizzie
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