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Lately I've been getting a bunch of emails about denim. I haven't posted much about jeans because I always feel like it's so much based on personal fit that my two cents might not be helpful. I can tell you there are a lot of great brands out there that I love: J.Brand, Current/Elliott, Levi's and James Jeans. Being that L.A. is the premium denim capital of the country, I thought I'd try and dig a little deeper. Today I visited the downtown design studio and factory of James Jeans, possibly the most under-the-radar of the brands I listed above. I specifically remember the first time I heard about James Jeans in college during the era when the premium denim market was starting to explode with brands like Earl Jean (R.I.P.) and Seven. James Jeans, like many companies that produce a really well-made product, doesn't need a massive marketing machine, their product is their PR.
For the past eight years James Jeans has stuck to its core of striving to be the best fitting top-notch premium denim on the market. They don't go for fast trends (ahem...True Religion), they just stick to what they know: a good fit and good craftsmanship. What I learned today though is that James Jeans is one of the only denim brands that hand-cuts their fits, their sizing is not done on a computer and then increased incrementally and mathematically from the model size, it's based on real bodies and I think it shows. So when it comes to recommending denim, this is one that I can say will likely fit you well, feel good, and look good.
I sat down with James Chung, the label's CEO, and his wife Seun Lim, the creative director, and asked who their idea of the James Jean woman is. They said, "She's not a fashion follower, she is self-confident and owns her own style." I can certainly get on board with that. James Jeans is also proud to make their jeans here in the USA. My picks from their latest collection: Twiggy in Shadow Blue ($123); Twiggy in Sienna ($158); Jagger in Shadow with studs ($198).

As a super-generous offer to Tomboy Style readers James Jeans is offering a 25% off discount through 12/31/2012. Use the code: JJ010 when checking out online.
October 31, 2012 by Lizzie
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