SCENE | Feal Mor Silver Lake

I don't often like to pick favorites, but I have to say that Feal Mor is without a doubt one of my favorite shops in L.A. And luckily for me, they just moved their location on La Brea into two new stores in Silver Lake. The flagship Feal Mor (which in Breton means Faithful to the Sea) carries new items, such as ceramics, surfboards, striped shirts and digit rings. The new vintage space two doors down called In Aqua Veritas (meaning In water There is Truth) houses all kinds of vintage goods, from ikat quilts hand-sewn in Southern Illinois to bicycles to military jackets. Both shops are owned and curated by the husband and wife team of J.P. and Shaheen Plunier—who happens to be one of the nicest and coolest women I've ever shared an espresso with. They both have such a fresh perspective on retail and insanely good taste—from the tie-dyed socks to the Richard Nixon bumper stickers to their own delicious Guatemalan coffee beans, Feal Mor and In Aqua Veritas are two truly special spaces to check out.
December 02, 2012 by Lizzie
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