GEAR | Mark McNairy X Kletterwerks

My Instagram photo on left, Mark McNairy on right via the Kletterwerks Facebook page.

This is a collaboration I was instantly on board with. First, I'm a huge fan of Kletterwerks backpacks out of Bozeman, Montana. Last month I took a quick trip to Jackson Hole, packing just the Kletterwerks Flip bag and that thing holds up! It held my laptop, camera, winter clothes and left me room for a few Christmas gifts—and it fit easily in small overhead bins. It's comfortable and easy to navigate too. I'm also a huge fan of the (mostly) men's shoe designer Mark McNairy and his many collaborations (especially his collaboration Bass Weejuns). Long story short, this is a partnership I am really into and if I didn't already have a Kletter Flip Bag ($197), this would be a tough one to resist.

The McNairy X Kletterwerks Flip bag ($375) is made from bonded Woolrich wool, is made in the USA (as all Klettlewerks bags are), and will be available to ship on January 30th.

Hat tip: Alyssa Larson!
January 23, 2013 by Lizzie
Tags: GEAR
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