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Photo via Alterations Needed.

I've been noticing (but only barely) that women's blazers are being increasingly designed with functional breast pockets. This is good news because one of the biggest head-scratchers when it comes to women's suiting is that they never have a breast pocket (or interior pockets, but that's another post for another day). No breast pocket means no pocket squares, and that just feels like giant missed opportunity. Why exclude the option for an added color pop—especially since we don't wear ties? Plus, the flamboyance and frill of a pocket square, to me, seems much more suited to a women's ensemble. On the higher end, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith and Paul Stuart have all been known to add working breast pockets on jackets for ladies, but I'd love to know if you guys know of any other designers, it'd be great to compile a list. Would you wear a pocket square?

In the mean time, here are some springy men's pocket squares I'm really liking: Clockwise from top left: Ikat pocket square ($19); Polka Dot Penny Bun square ($32); Floral pocket qquare ($50); Two-tone Linen pocket square ($35); Sid Mashburn pocket square ($55); Buzzy square ($12). 
March 14, 2013 by Lizzie
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