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Levi's is one of those quintessential icons that helps define American style. Like a bottle of Heinz 57, Levi's is a classic that has stood the test of time, and goes with almost everything. It's low, but it can be high, it's basic, but it can be refined. Levi's has a fascinating and storied past that tells as much about the history of our nation as it does the history of fashion and denim. But today, let's talk about the future: Levi's Made & Crafted. As you may know, Levi's has many sub-brands that focus on specific elements and markets. Two of their premium brands are LVC (Levi's Vintage Clothing), which launched in 1999, and Made & Crafted, which launched in 2009. While LVC looks to the past to create painstakingly accurate reproductions of vintage Levi's clothing, Made & Crafted is informed by the past, but is looking towards the future to create the new classics. Made & Crafted is not only a premium brand aesthetically, but it is, as the name suggests, highly focused on the construction and craft of each garment. It's the detail of each piece that really makes Made & Crafted what it is—from buttons and zippers to yokes and seams, each element is thoughtful and sturdy. Even the sales tags are gorgeous.

The Made & Crafted design team comes from all over the globe with one common denominator: their love and passion for American style. M&C's collections draw on Levi's birthright with materials like indigo and cotton and blend luxurious materials and infuse modernity into its silhouettes—a marriage of classic Levi's and leading-edge fashion. The women's S/S 2013 collection is inspired by the Painted Desert of the American Southwest, the design team drove through arid patches of California to get inspired by its colors and patterns, and the result is incredible.

You can find Levi's Made & Crafted in stores all over the globe as well as online, click here for the full list of Levi's stores and retailers that carry Made & Crafted. I am biased, but I think there are some pretty great places to shop Made & Crafted in L.A.—Sharon Segal, American Rag and of course the Levi's concept store in Malibu are all incredible.
April 07, 2013 by Lizzie
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