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Caitlin Wylde is hands down one of my favorite visual artists. I've admired both her art and her style from afar in magazines as well as up close in-person, and I've never been unimpressed. I think the first time I met her she was in a pair of beat up Tretorn Nylites and a couture suit. Enough said, right? Caitlin is a great mix of two of my favorite Tomboy Style archetypes: the Naturalist and the Prep. As a seamless extension of her personal style, her home is a honed curation of both identities, a melding of her rural New England roots and her free spirited L.A. life. She's a collector and has the innate talent of being able to find art in the unexpected and the otherwise unnoticed. Being as I am such a fan of hers, you might imagine how excited I was when I made a date to shoot her in her Echo Park home and art studio this week...and then how crushed I was when I pulled out my camera and noticed the memory card was missing. I ended up shooting all sorts of vignettes around her house and studio with my iPhone, which I've posted below. I hope they do some justice to her singular space and style, but I promise that if I ever go back my camera will be charged, loaded and polished. Caitlin Wylde works in sculpture and mixed media and her next show opens on April 26th at Mollusk in San Francisco.

April 09, 2013 by Lizzie
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