UNIFORM | Kiriko

Here is a new brand to take note of, in permanent marker, or tattoo ink. Kiriko started in Portland in December of 2012 making scarves ($48-$129), pocket squares ($27), ties ($78) and backpacks ($375). The company's creative director, Dawn Yanagihara, is a fifth generation Japanese-American who grew up in Hawaii. After college in L.A. she went to Japan to teach English and fell in love with Japan's fashion heritage. She moved to Portland recently to start the company where she imports Japanese textiles, especially vintage boro fabric up to 100 years old (and if you're wondering, she won't tell her source). All the items are then cut and sewn by hand in Oregon in the tradition of the fabric. Yanagihara admits she is definitely influenced by big Japanese heritage brands like Kapital, but Kiriko's mission is to create new items that utilize traditional and vintage materials that honor timeless craftsmanship while still providing its customer with an accessible price point. How can you argue with that?

April 23, 2013 by Lizzie
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