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I'm super excited to bring in a new category to Tomboy Style called Base Layer. Base Layer will look at the beauty and wellness industry through a utilitarian lens and a tomboy sensibility. I've only ever been able to tread water (if that) when it comes to beauty and health products—to be totally honest, my ultimate unhappy place might be a cosmetics counter at a big department store. There's just so much over-packaged junk and so much of it is terrible for you. Luckily, Kristi Head, an entrepreneur, packaging designer, product-maker and artist, is helping me navigate the ever-expanding ocean of beauty products. I first met Kristi when I was covering Lurk perfume oils—and we immediately bonded over our mutual hatred of overly fragrant perfume. Now she creates natural and biodegradable Lite+Cycle candles (sold at NK Shop and Steven Alan to name a few stockists). While running in Griffith Park together the other day I asked for her take on sunscreen, and the idea for Base Layer was born. Base Layer will focus on products and methods that apply to the greater beauty and wellness world that are non-toxic, effective, simple, and beautiful. The first in the series is one of the most important of all base layers: sunscreen.

by Kristi Head

It’s Summer. Go outside. Take in the sun and Vitamin D. Block out the harmful UVs. Here's how:

ROW I: Everyday Facial Sunscreens

1.ORGANIC OPTION: John Masters Organics Natural Mineral SPF 30 ($32). Protects against harmful UVA+UVB rays with no nano-particles. Reef friendly and biodegrable. Contains green tea extract and moisturizes with shea butter and jojoba oil.

2. DERMATOLOGIST LOVED: La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 40 Sunscreen Cream ($28) [update: SPF 60 is pictured, but not recommended]. This one appears on the shelves at highly regarded dermatologist offices. It's very light weight, with a slightly greasy application, but soaks into the skin fast and is very effective. 

3. CHEAP AND EASY: Elemental Herbs Sunstick ($8). Excellent protection with very low health concerns. It's chemical free, unscented, goes on clear and is ultra moisturizing (full of natural oils and butters). Apply on face and lips. Great for on-the-go SPFing. 

ROW II: Sporty Sunscreens

1. ORGANIC OPTION: Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer ($16). With a 20% blend of zinc oxide, this is a little thick on application, but with a slight tint and blend of rich organic jojoba you never have that white residue. Plus, the added essential oils make for a bright and appealing scent. Water resistant, chemical free and made especially for an active outdoor lifestyle.

2. SURFER SPF: Headhunter Warpaint ($5-$10). Designed to meet the rigorous demands of surfers and tested on the waves around the world. And because Spicoli said so. 

3. ALL-PURPOSE EVERYWHERE: Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen with Hydresia, SPF 40 ($13). This is always an widely accessible natural option. And the Hydresia? That's little capsules of oil from safflower seeds that collapse at varying rates on the skin (i.e. ultra moisturizing).

If you want to geek out even more on natural sunscreen check out these sunscreen no-nos from The Environmental Working Group. 
We'd also love to hear any of your recommendations! 
June 03, 2013 by Lizzie
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