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There's a lot of heritage backpacks on the market currently, and I must say I really like most of them, but it's probably near impossible to out-heritage Duluth PackThe Duluth Pack's roots start with a French-Canadian named Camille Poirier, who made his way west to Duluth, Minnesota in 1870 with a little stock of leather and tools. Twelve years later Poirier filed for a patent on a new type of packsack—a canvas sack that closed with a buckled flap and had new-fangled shoulder straps. 

I checked out a friend's Duluth pack today and it had aged like a fine wine. The leather, buttery. The canvas, with that sturdy ruggedness and worn-in patina. Delicious. Duluth packs are still made in Duluth, Minnesota in the same way they've been making canoe packs for over 100 years. And they're guaranteed for life. Nothing more solid than that. The Duluth No. 51 Canoe Pack ($105) comes in fifteen colorways today (I'm eyeing that navy one), but unfortunately the price has gone up just a skosh from its original $3 price tag.

Thanks for the reminder Justin Woodwater!
June 17, 2013 by Lizzie
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