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In the last Base Layer post we tackled sunscreen, next up is shaving cream. I personally had never really considered shaving cream except that I hated buying it because most shaving cream packaging looks like some sort of outhouse component of Barbie's Malibu Beach House. Let's first be clear though, packaging is the least important element of a beauty item. I should know, I've fallen for good design on bad products many times before. So when I discovered Prospector Co. out of Savannah, GA., I was cautiously optimistic. Their aesthetic definitely drew me in, but it was their mantra that got me really excited. All of the Prospector Co. products are made by hand in small batches and are free from harmful additives and artificial fragrances and colors. This morning I test drove their leg oil, leg shave and leg aftershave toner and my expectations were absolutely exceeded.

Each of the three components can be used on their own, but I used all three in succession. The leg shave oil ($26) can be used on its own for shaving, which is ideal for instances when you don't have time to shower or bathe. I let the oil soak in before I got in the shower, then applied the leg shave ($20) which didn't create a heavy lather like most shaving creams (because there are no additives), it's more of a creamy lotion that's gentle and full of nutrients like Vitamin E, coconut oil, carrot oil, argan oil and aloe vera.Once I dried off I applied the leg aftershave toner ($28) which left my legs with a little shimmer and moisture—which is perfect for the dry California summer air. For a day when you're out bare-legged, I would highly recommend the toner. All an all, huge fan of Prospector's goods and their no-nonsense aesthetic which proves women's shaving cream doesn't have to be overly-girly. It can just be cool.  
June 26, 2013 by Lizzie
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