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Photo via Barbour People.

If there's one thing I've observed as a consumer over the past decade or so it's that the faux or manufactured wear on clothing is almost always a big fail. You just can't recreate years and years of age and wear. This seems especially relevant in the denim marketplace where jean makers are still chasing after the look of earnest rips and wear lines. The photo above from the tumblr Barbour People (photos of real people wearing Barbour)—shows us just how buttery an old Barbour can get, and those Vans have been around the block too—which thankfully only take about one summer to get decently broken in, can't say the same for a Barbour—that takes decades.

P.S. A photo from a Barbour catalog circa 1987 (I bet that one's pretty good by now).
August 04, 2013 by Lizzie
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