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UNIFORM | The Neckerchief

Photo via Raisons d'Etre.

Neckerchief me please. I'm really feeling the smaller bandana-sized scarves this season a.k.a a neckerchief (or kerchief). This style of neckwear was of course made famous by cowboys, sailors, and cool dude racecar drivers, but then went completely hyberbolic in size and proportions in the 70s. The key is to keep the tied pieces short when worn Boy Scout-style (ends facing out). Some neckerchiefs come with a woggle to fasten the ends, like this one from Kiriko, but for the non-woggle variety, I'm liking the above gingham neckerchiefs in red and blue ($22) and indigo blue ($22) by the British brand Universal Works.
August 13, 2013 by Lizzie
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