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Ahoy. After spending a week chasing lobster rolls from Massachusetts to Maine, a post this East Coast-y was pretty unavoidable. I'm really digging SerpentSea, a newish line of nautical rope goods by Sophie Aschauer. Aschauer grew up sailing the lakes of Austria as a child but it wasn't until she landed on Nantucket with her boyfriend and found a dusty old maritime knot book that she started weaving boat rope to actually make stuff. I'm wild about her line (look forward to thinner bracelets and more mat patterns soon) and so are some of my favorite retailers, like Westerlind OutdoorTenOverSix, Colette, and March. I am definitely visualizing one of the below mats in my casa. Oh, and if you're interested in Sophie's overalls and hat, click over to Murray's Toggery Shop.

September 08, 2013 by Lizzie
Tags: GEAR
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