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Beatrice Valenzuela has a lot to be excited about right about now. She's just moved her thriving shoe business into a brick and mortar shop in Echo Park and she's also expecting a new baby!

Valenzuela's shoe line has a serious cult following. I mean, serious. Her shoes are inspired by traditional footwear of her native country of Mexico and they pair incredibly well with your favorite pair of jeans, dresses, white pants—they're always unexpected, but I feel like they go with everything. I'm wearing this pair in cobalt blue right now and I never want to take them off, they're so comfortable, and just get more and more buttery with wear.

Beyond sandals, shoes, and booties for men, women, and children, Valenzuela has cultivated a dynamic retail concept chock-full of goodies—from Agnes Baddoo's leather bags and hand-made ceramics from Central California to friendship bracelets and fireplace fans from Mexico City—where the shoes are manufactured. Valenzuela, who has lived in Echo Park for a decade, dreamed of moving into this very space, so the day it became available, she jumped on it. The store really just feels right at home on the block: It's authentic, it's sophisticated, and it's very Beatrice. Definitely worth an immediate visit if you're in L.A. [1547 Echo Park Ave. 90026], and if you're not: check out the shoes online—new colors and website updates coming soon!

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September 19, 2013 by Lizzie
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