GEAR | The Mox Bag by Vere Verto

I have to admit I've grown weary about the bag "that does it all" over the past year, but all that dissolved after handling and testing out the Vere Verto Mox bag. It's a clutch. It's a purse. It's a bike bag.

It really is everything you want it to be. More than versatile though, The Mox is made from equestrian leather sourced from Spain and then manufactured in Los Angeles. Like a good leather jacket, this bag is completely functional from day to night, and makes sense with an entire range of outfits and commutes. I just really love this bag. It's so sturdy and buttery and functional. The patina is really remarkable and hard to show in photos. And usually I consider celebrity endorsements to be uninteresting, but I can't resist sharing that one of Vere Verto's biggest fans is Donald Sutherland. Legit.
October 08, 2013 by Lizzie
Tags: GEAR
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