GEAR | American Optical Deadstock Safety Glasses

Of all the types of accessories, I probably have the most frustrating relationship with sunglasses. They always seem to be too big (probably because I am always seeking out men's), or stretch out or are too expensive for someone like me who loses them constantly. But sunglasses are also the thing that I am consistently oohing and ahhing over. I picked up these American Optical Deadstock Safety glasses ($79) at Independence in Chicago last weekend and I think I may have found my sunglass soulmate. They're durable, light, not crazy expensive, and fit like a glove. Done, done, done, and done.

Oh and that Fly Fishing Hooks bandana ($8) also came out the door with me as I left Independence. Check out this selection of their other bandanas, they are so cool and will make fantastic stocking stuffers. And keep checking in on Independence, they will soon be stocking some women's goods too, and I can't wait because they may be the nicest cool guys in the business. More reasons to head back to the Windy City.
October 21, 2013 by Lizzie
Tags: GEAR
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