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When it comes to good vintage, either you have to have a great eye and a lot of time to sift, or you end up paying for someone else's eye and time—I've no joke seen a vintage t-shirt priced at $1000 (yes, one thousand dollars) at What Comes Around Goes Around. That's why I was wide-eyed staring at Everything Golden, an online vintage and handmade store out of Bozeman, MT.—the edit is as good as the prices. Some of my favorites from their vintage collection:

1st row: Levi's jacket ($54); Olive felt hat ($24); Pendleton sweater ($48).
2nd row: Bolle sunglasses ($65); Silver Spur wester shirt ($26); OP cord shorts ($45).
3rd row: Swiss velvet top ($42); Peruvian sweater ($48); High-waisted Levi's made exclusively for the 1984 Olympic Team ($42).

November 17, 2013 by Lizzie
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