WORD | Jane & Serge: A Family Album

Photos of Jane Birkin and family scanned from Jane & Serge: A Family Album by Andrew Birkin.

I finally got my hands on Jane & Serge: A Family Album ($60) which features chronological family photos between 1963 and 1979 (as well as an insert of childhood photos) by Jane Birkin's brother Andrew. The photography is heartfelt, intimate, and beautiful, and so is the writing.

"Until she was 15, Jane was as much my brother as sister. She was far braver than me—this could be put to the physical test by inflicting Chinese burns on one another; while I howled after the third twist, Jane remained mute even when her wrist had turned blue with bruising. She also looked like a boy, albeit a very fetching one, with short hair and a flat body, and was never interested in dolls, preferring the company of a stuffed monkey, who became as real to us as if he was made of flesh and fur instead of felt and cotton wool." —Andrew Birkin

P.S. That car.
January 07, 2014 by Lizzie
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