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I was turned onto New England Outerwear this morning on Instagram (thanks Judy!). They are a small Massachusetts shoe manufacturer and design house with a few accessories on offer (like this hat!) and plans for clothing this coming autumn. If there's one thing that really says it all it's their name. The New England-ness is unequivocally there. Very there. Their women's selection is pretty substantial with boots and mocs of different designs and colors, which is nice to see for such a small company with a masculine bent. Those rugged Fieldsmen Boots with Woolrich buffalo checked lining and Horween leather ($470) are based off of designs of 19th century New England hunting boots. And their crepe-soled mocs ($300-$330) are pretty spectacular too, albeit a bit spendy. All of New England Outerwear's designs are made by hand in Massachusetts. 
January 08, 2014 by Lizzie
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