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Given the combination of my grandfather having worked for the now-defunct Elgin Watches and some formative years spent living in Switzerland, I think watch-love was unavoidable. But when it comes to watches, I tend to be most attracted to the pieces where function wholly informs design. In other words, I like watches that are meant to be worn, not admired. So it's no surprise that when Shinola hit the scene last year, I was hypnotized. Their watches embody a streamlined design that is both sophisticated and sensible; they're rugged and refined. What's more tomboy style than that? In fact, it may be the perfect tomboy watch. [Above: The Runwell with a alligator band (new for Spring, coming soon); Wristlet Zip Pouch;]

Not only are the Shinola products well-made (beyond their watches and iconic shoe polish, the company also produces leather goods, bicycles and journals), there's something distinctly American looking about their designs. The aesthetic is honest, bold, and direct—there's a real purpose behind every item. The ethos of the company is reflected in its goods in a real way, you can tell real human beings touch and care about all of it. Shinola (as it exists today) opened its doors on a premise that they refused to accept that American manufacturing was dead and gone. They opened a factory in Midtown Detroit. DETROIT. Decades after American watch manufacturing had been washed away, they built up a small factory in the rustiest of rust belts. It's hard to not be awe struck by that concept—is there anything more American (and ballsy) than that? [Above: Large Wallet3.75" x 5.5" Linen Journal]
Bruce Weber recently shot a bunch of Detroit power women riding Shinola bikes and I can't think of a better image that captures the spirit of Motor City's comeback. Thumbs up for sure! [Above: The Runwell 41mm7" x 9" Linen JournalCard Wallet]
AND! I'm super excited to be taking over Shinola's Instagram account for the rest of week! The story continues over there...
February 18, 2014 by Lizzie
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