SCENE | Lucille & Found

Once in a while I come across someone else's story and it makes me want to drop everything. Mary Hall's is one of them. Before she met her boyfriend, she always dreamed of experiencing America on an undetermined route. She wanted to ramble and roll along the roads of this country really taking the time to soak it in, on bikes, on foot, on surfboards. Her boyfriend Adam shared the same dream, so after dating for six months, they committed to seeing it all through. Two years after they made the pact, they had restored a 1971 Shasta trailer named Lucille and left their 9-5 jobs with all the savings they could muster. The photo journal they keep is almost too much (if you're on the edge of quitting your job and need a nudge, it might set you over), but in addition to the photos Mary has curated a shop based on their finds from town to town and sells her treasures online. I'm looking forward to following Mary and Adam as they continue to make us all jealous in front of our computer screens.
July 22, 2014 by Lizzie
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