UNIFORM | M-1951 Field Jacket

So, OK, I've been watching a lot of the high school cult-favorite Freaks and Geeks lately. Set in a Detroit suburb in 1980, but airing for just one season in 1999 (my junior year, but somehow I totally missed it...I know, I know!), this early Judd Apatow sitcom is quickly climbing into my top ten. It's no shocker if you've seen the show that I'm obsessed with the lead character Lindsay Weir. Mostly it's her cool girl personality, but also because of the fact that she wears her dad's military jacket every single day. It's mentioned in the show that the jacket is from the Korean War, so I did a little research. Looks like it's probably the M-1951 Field Jacket, issued from 1951-1965. There are a bunch available on Etsy and eBay if you're into vintage, but if you're not into vintage, Alpha Industries makes some great military reproductions including the M-65 Field Coat ($150) in both a regular and slim fit (the M-1965 was the M-1951's next and very similar iteration). Further browsing on Alpha Industries led me to this women's M-A1 flight jacket ($125), that looks pretttttty cool too. I think Weir would approve.
September 03, 2014 by Lizzie
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